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Welcome to the website of CalypsoJet Water Damage Experts. We’re here to take care of any water damage needs that you might have.

We know for many people, water damage can be something that causes dread. Repairing water damage can be very expensive and time consuming. On top of it, if you’re not careful, it can happen again, ruining all of the work that you put into repairing the first job. We’re experts at doing what we can to make sure that your damage is repaired and proofed against the next water onslaught.

Calypso Quality

One of the things that we strive hard to do is to maintain a standard of quality with our work that is a cut above all the rest. We want to be the business (such as Chicago Water Damage Restoration and Charlotte Water Damage Removal) that you call when you need help. We want you to be able to count on us. Below, we’ve listed some great advantages of our services. Read them below to see what you’re getting into when you choose us!

Affordable Pricing

Like we mentioned before, fixing things damaged by water can be a big financial burden. We’re here to make sure that it doesn’t have to be that way. We often do payment plans for our customers so that things aren’t so steep up front from a fiscal perspective. Trust us, we understand what it means to try to make ends meet!

In addition to financing, we also honor price matching from our competitors. If you find somebody who is willing to do the same work for less, let us know and we’ll make sure that we’ll match the price.

Long Lasting Product

One of the problems about water damage is that you can fix the issue but still be vulnerable to another water incident. For example, if a bad storm comes through your town, you could be susceptible to some type of flooding. What we do to prevent that is that we suggest and often carry out waterproofing plans so that you can be immune to another issue. Many of our customers who have partnered with us on this extra preventative step have been very satisfied. For example, check out what Gerald, a recent customer, had to say about our work:

“Two winters ago, I had some major ice damming issues in my house. Some of my gutters got frozen and caused some major leaking problems that compromised the structural integrity of my house. I knew that I had to do something to make sure that my house would be safe to live in.

A few friends of mine suggested that I contact Calypso Jet to take care of the job. They were very professional and showed up on time every day of the repair process. However, the thing that impressed me most was the quality of their work. They contracted the repair with some of the best workers in the area. After that, they suggested some great next steps to me for making sure ice damming would not harm my house again. Last winter, the house was completely dry and did not get damaged by the ice. Thanks, Calypso Jet!”