About Us

If you’re curious to learn more about our company in other ways than just knowing our services, then look no further than this page. We’ve made this page so that you can learn more about who we are. We’ll tell you a little bit about our background as well as how we got started in this business. Keep reading for all of the info,

Company History

Getting Started

Although we didn’t start working on only water damage, we specialize in it now. The two people who started this company, Stef and Tim, were working for the American Red Cross in disaster recovery. While this meant that they were sometimes dealing with things as earthquakes and tornados, a lot of the work that they did dealt with recovering from floods and hurricanes. As a result, Stef and Tim were working a lot with water damaged homes and seeing how they could repair or salvage them. Throughout the years of working, they slowly gained experience and knowledge from experts they contracted out to help do the repairs.

After many years of working with people who were very knowledgeable about water damage and how to repair things such as leaky pipes or broken sump pumps, Stef and Tim decided it was time to start out on their own.

While they have since helped make the CalypsoJet company what it is today, they still donate their time and efforts to train others who were in their position at organizations like the American Red Cross.